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Case Study
Customer Experience (CX)

Catalano Interiors New Website

Catalano Interiors is a family-owned business with more than fifty years’ experience in the furniture industry.

Customer Experience (CX)

Problem Statement/Requirements

Having more of a bricks and mortar retail modal with big focus on the Physical store space with an online store which sat on the outer, Catalano Interiors wanted to shift the mindset and make it even more accessible for customers outside of Victoria to purchase furniture online. The existing website at the time had issues that where counterintuitive to growing an online business.

Key issues to call out that the Bastion wanted to address included:

Site Speed: Slow loading times leading to higher bounce rates and decreased user engagement.
SEO Discrepancies: Inconsistent or ineffective search engine optimization strategies resulting in lower search engine rankings and visibility.
Brand Alignment with Store Media and Communication: Lack of consistency between the website's branding and the brand's messaging across other marketing channels as well as the physical store, leading to confusion and dilution of brand identity.
Content Quality and Relevance: Low-quality or outdated content that fails to engage users or provide value, impacting overall site credibility and user retention.
Mobile Responsiveness: Poor optimization for mobile devices, resulting in a subpar user experience for mobile users.
Conversion Rate Optimisation: Inefficiencies in converting site visitors into customers or leads due to inadequate call-to-action strategies or checkout processes.
Content Management System: Challenges in managing and updating website content due to the complexity or limitations of the current CMS.
Information Architecture: Issues with website navigation and organization, hindering user experience and content discoverability.

Project Plan & Delivery

  • Complete a landscape analysis across key competitor websites, identifying consistencies, gaps, and areas to improve.
  • Review the IA Structure, providing an updated navigation using data to drive the final structure supporting both stakeholder and consumer requirements.
  • Site migration to new platform in BigCommerce
  • SEO Optimisation across full product range


Migrating the Catalano Interiors website to a new CMS platform presented an opportunity to address key issues hindering some of the site's key performance metrics. By streamlining information architecture, enhancing site speed, and optimizing for SEO, we'll deliver an improved user experience with faster load times and better product discoverability. Additionally, the new platform will enable us to maintain consistent branding and messaging across all channels, while ensuring seamless mobile responsiveness. With a more intuitive content management system, we'll overcome challenges in content updates and maintenance, empowering us to efficiently manage and grow our online presence.

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