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26 February 2024  •  Katrina Shute

Humans Will Always Be the Best Communicators

AI will forever change the way we work, who we employ and how we pitch for business. To thrive in this new world become proficient with what Chat GPT will never master – human engagement.

Two real estate agents are pitching to win the sale of a new apartment complex. Thanks to writers-little-helper, Chat GPT, both have brilliantly worded presentations, seamlessly connecting their credentials, capabilities and solutions. So, who wins? What elevates one pitch above all the other “word perfect” pitches being presented that day? 

The Harvard Business Review surveyed close to 2000 senior managers who had collectively heard close to 10,000 pitches. The group overwhelmingly concluded the secret sauce to winning business was effectively communicating one’s “passion for the pitch”. They wanted to feel the “energy” the individual or group had for the project and experience the “chemistry” the team had together and with their audience.

Passion, energy, chemistry… all human behaviours that artificial intelligence cannot replicate. Essentially it means if the information being delivered is similar, it’s the non-tangible human impact of the delivery that gets the win. This should inform us that in a world increasingly infiltrated by AI, the ability to connect with your audience has never been more essential.

So how can we improve and elevate our human communication? As a former television news reporter and now media trainer, I’ve interviewed thousands of people and know some individuals possess certain traits which make them excellent communicators. The good news is they are easy to implement, by remembering the rule of the three E’s.

  1. Be Engaging – stand front and centre with relaxed, confident body language. Ensure you are always facing your audience and not your PowerPoint. You want everyone focused on you most of the time, rather than staring blankly at a PowerPoint they’re only half reading at best.
  2. Be Exciting to listen to – it doesn’t matter what your pitching, if you can’t muster any enthusiasm for it, nobody else will feel any either. Inject your words with passion for the product. Maintain eye contact, use lively facial expressions and smile when appropriate.
  3. Be Easy to understand – if you’re racing through your pitch, stumbling on words and using fancy terms or jargon no one else understands, your audience will switch off. Slow down, speak clearly and utilise the pause to give everyone time to absorb your words.

While it’s difficult to predict the long-term impact AI will have on employment, it’s assumed human qualities like creativity and thinking outside the box will be of most benefit. Learning to tap into our uniquely human behaviours will also ensure those with a heartbeat stay ahead of the game, even if, and or when, robots learn to become less robotic.

Katrina Shute is the Principal of Training and Capability at Bastion Reputation. Get in touch

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