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8 September 2021

What is Sensory Marketing? A Digital Marketing Guide

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Sensory marketing isn’t a term you hear every day when it comes to marketing in general. However, the bottom line is people make purchases and other decisions based on their senses. 

Sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing are the five senses that people use daily. If you’re here to learn about how sensory marketing relates to the work performed by a digital marketing agency you’ve come to the right place. 

What is Sensory Marketing? 

Sensory marketing is a marketing campaign strategy to appeal to consumers’ senses. Most Orange County marketing agency firms look to implement this and other forms of marketing to retain customers and acquire new ones while driving up sales. 

If the proper techniques are used a company can increase the influence, they have over buyers purchasing decisions. Here are some examples of how sensory marketing can be used in business. 

Use Smell to Your Advantage  

Ever thought about using a certain scent to pull customers in? If not, you might want to start now, but the question is how’s it achieved and implemented the right way. 

One company that strategically uses scent to attract customers is Cinnabon. The company has chosen the locations of its stores because in these areas the scent of their cinnamon rolls becomes trapped. 

This ensures the smell lingers and anyone who passes by will smell it increasing the likelihood of them buying something. 

Move Customers Emotionally 

Gaining and retaining customers is about building a lasting relationship first. You’ve got to pull them in and move a person emotionally for them to want to engage with your brand long-term. 

For example, many hotels and air bnbs focus on making you feel at home when you’re away from home. Everyone enjoys the feeling they get when they come home at the end of the day. 

A hotel that offers that to customers is the place to be. 

Auditory is the Way to Go 

75% of customers stay in stores not to purchase something, but because they enjoy the music playing. This is the perfect time to select a song or jingle that is the musical note for your company. 

While people are shopping, they unconsciously are listening to this song, which improves their overall experience with your company. 

What You See, You Will Buy 

If it looks good you can bet a person will buy it. Many people rely on the way something looks before making their final decisions, such as clothing and food. 

Take Coca-Cola for instance. The company uses bright red to attract attention to its products. Whenever you see a can or bottle of their soda you automatically know it’s Coca-Cola. 

If you’re going with the visual appeal you’ve got to make the visual intriguing and engaging. This means rethinking the way you’ve designed your company logo and website. 

If you’re not sure how to achieve this it’s best to bring in a company that specializes in things like social media management and digital advertising

Just One Touch 

You might be wondering why touch matters; the truth is customers touch items they want to buy several times before making their final purchases. Touch heavily influences the result. 

For example, when parents buy their children a stuffed animal the child has already picked it up and become attached to the way it feels in their hands and against their faces. 

Your Digital Marketing Agency Needs Sensory Marketing 

If you’re unsure of how to make sensory marketing work for your brand you must hire a digital marketing agency today. They will have a deeper understanding of how senses like touch and smell can influence a customer. 

Ready to find a company that can help you tap into the senses of your customers? Contact Bastion today and let us help your company rise above the competition. 

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